Alan Wright

Director of Photography




Formal Training

Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama - Theatre Lighting & Stage Craft

American Film Institute Hollywood - Advanced Film & Television Studies - Cinematography.


Specialist Skills

In Digital Cinematography and 35mm Film, Anamorphic Shooting, Timelapse Motion Control Photography, Green and Blue Screen techniques as well as experience in Post Production and Film Laboratory Procedures.


Selected Credits


 ‘The A List’

13 part Teen Psychodrama Box Set Picked up by Netflix from BBC IPlayer

Directors: Patrick Harkins, Jim Shields & Dan Berlinka

Producers: Sandra Maciver Executive Producer Anne Brogan

Production Co: Kindle Entertainment for BBC & Netflix

‘Holby City’ (over 60 ep's)

Continuing Medical Drama Series

Directors: Various

Producers: Various

Production Co: BBC


'Dixi' series 1, 2, 3 & 4 (BAFTA win for series 1 & C21 win for series 2)

Teen Drama originally web only now reformatted for CBBC transmission

Director: Dan Berlinka

Producer: Nina Metivier

Exec. Melanie Stokes

Production Co Kindle Entertainment for CBBC


'Storm in a Teacup' (BAFTA winner for children's live action)

Old Jack's Boat special

Director: Dermot Canterbury

Producer: Paul Shuttleworth

Exec: Tony Reed

Production Co. CBeebies


'Old Jack's Boat' series 1 & 2 (BAFTA win for Christmas episode)

Pre School series with master storyteller Bernard Cribbens with live action

and digital multi layered animation

Directors: Tom Poole and Iwen Watson

Producer: Dominic MacDonald

Exec: Tony Reed

Production Co CBeebies



Non Dialogue film about love, hope and strength of human spirit

Director: Farren Blackburn

Producer: Elaine Wyatt for Rebel Films.


‘Border Cafe’

Comedy Drama series

Director: Richard Laxton

Producers: Elaine Cameron & Beryl Vertue

Production Co: Hartswood Films for BBC Wales


‘Turning World’ (Super 16)

Three part Psychological Drama

Director: David Blair

Producers: David Shanks & Mahmood Jamal

Production Co: Channel 4 Films



Offbeat Comedy

Director: Angelo Abela

Producer: Heather Dixon

Production Co: Angelic


‘The Doherty Brothers’ (35mm)

Tragi-Comic ghost story

Director: Richard Sealey

Producer: Beth Sanders

Production Co: Pondlife Filmed Entertainment


‘Rebel Zone’/ ‘Command Approved’ (35mm Anamorphic)

Family action adventure

Director: Graham Moore

Producers: Simon Mills & Martin Carr

Production Co: Portsmouth Films


‘The Perfect Bride’ (2nd Unit DP & Main unit Op 35mm)


Director: Terrence O’Hara

Producer: Pierre David

Production Co: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


‘Reach For The Moon’ (Super 16)

Romantic Drama series

Director: Rob Evans

Producer: Lis Steele & Jo Wright

Production Co: ITV


‘Jackanory’ (as Lighting Director)

13 ep re-launch of the children’s classic

Director/Producer: Dominic Macdonald

Exec: Kay Benbow

Production Co. Cbeebies


‘Sir Gadabout’ series 1 & 2

Family Comedy

Director: Ian Eames

Producer: Lucy Goodman

Production Co. Alibi for CITV


The 'Mysti Show' as Lighting Director

Weekly Teen Fantasy Drama and Magazine Show

Directors: Angelo Abela, Clive Fleury & Stephen Woolfenden

Producers: Debbie Gray & David Wong

Exec: Anne Gilchrist & Sue Morgan for BBC



Teen Drama Series

Directors: Angelo Abela, Dominic MacDonald

Producers: Philippa Catt

Production Co: Tiger Aspect for ITV


‘London’s Burning’ (Super 16)

Series 11

Directors: Rob Evans, Gary Love & Ian Knox

Producer: David Shanks

Production Co: London Weekend television


'Captain Scarlet'

New Material for DVD release

Director: John Needham

Producer: Gerry Anderson

Production Co: Carlton


‘Bernard’s Watch’ 

Children's Drama Series

Directors: Rachel Tillotson & Dominic Macdonald

Producers: Melanie Stokes & Lewis Rudd

Production Co: ITV


‘Whizziwig’ (Super 16)

Family Drama

Director: Neville Green

Producer: Michael Forte

Production Co: ITV



Children's Drama for European Broadcasting Union

Director: Julian Holmes

Producer: Melanie Stokes




'Everyman' Mama Lola a Voodoo Priestess (Super 16)

Shot in Haiti & Brooklyn

Director: Graham Moore

Producer: Anne Macgregor


'Landscape & Memory' 

5 part Arts series with Simon Schama

Directors: Geoff Dunlop & Francis Hanley




Theme Park Heaven

Director: Graham Moore

Producer: Frankie Glass

Channel 4


'40 Minutes'

Heads and Tails - The mystery of hair

Director: Geoff Dunlop

Producer: Jane Stevenson



'Cutting Edge'

Julia's Baby

Director: Marilyn Gaunt

Producer: Clive Sydall

Channel 4



The Chinese Cure

Director/Producer: Richard Dale



'Turnim Hed'

Courtship and Music in Papua New Guinea

Director: James Bates

Producer: Phil Agland

Channel 4


'Without Walls'

Nightmare in Provence

Director: John Needham

Producer: Mike Lerner

Channel 4



The Hopi Indians of Arizona

Director: Graham Moore

Producer: Anne Macgregor




The Science of Hypnosis

Director: Graham Moore

Producer: David Britland

Channel 4